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on 29 Giugno, 2016

If isolationist politicians like Farage and Trump will succeed, they will involuntarily lead the interconnected global megacities to independence, from London to California and the East Coast

secedeThe political visibility enjoyed by disruptive exponents such as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump is the natural result of some particular problems affecting both the   English and the American middle classes, since their economies have shown to grow up, albeit in different ways.

As in the US, where the benefits resulting from the economic growth are greater in the East and West Coast megacities (to paraphrase Parag Khanna) and lower in the rural areas of the central states, the same paradigm is valid for England, where welfare is higher in London than in the rest of the country. Both the geographical maps for the political results favourable to Brexit and the political consent gathered by Donald Trump do follow this paradigm, which becomes more and more evident as the time goes by.

The interests of mega-cities like London, California amd the East Cost metropolis are different if compared to the interests of the less densely populated areas. This trend will turn out to be extreme in the future to come, bringing the most technologically and professionally educated population groups to move towards the mega cities, increasing the amount of  the less educated and underpaid population living in the central/rural areas. In the past, the European societies tried to repair this delta with the failed socialistic  welfare state (which in Italy has found its maximum expression), carrying out ignorant populism and nationalism that simply ride the discontent of those who do not possess the tools to compete with the rest of the civil world now and tomorrow.

London-SamIf the political representatives of the rising states will be expression of the less developed part of their population, it will be unavoidable that the political communities of the megacities will split up, making themselves independent. This concept is valid as for the US as for England (talking about “Great Britain” seems almost absurd now, considering the remarkable acceleration of Scotland towards its independence after Brexit).

The political interests of all those realities are too different for the self-sufficient populism of Farage or Trump (for example) being able to find out valid compromise solutions.

Moreover, the megacities have the economic, technological and relational tools that will allow them to quickly and easily create an effective path towards their full independence, easily attracting the consent of the political elite, financial and global industry.

This is the same path that is following in a complex framework for Veneto, taking into account every projectual aspect: from the creation of the digital crypto state to the creation of a developed economic and financial architecture based on new systems of private venture capital, just started up with the business community Club.

The present and the coming future are for the interconnected global civilization to live and anyone who will try to obstruct this process with silly and unuseful jumps in the past, will simply isolate himslef from the rest of the world which, on the other hand, will move fast to  independence from the self-sufficient/nationalistics parasites, as in Europe as in any part of the world.

Gianluca Busato – President



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